Thursday, September 3, 2015

Duck Life 5 Treasure Hunt

Duck life 5 four is a lot of much more complicated than you’d expect from the title. In fact, it’s a full series of mini-games rolled into one. Players of the sooner games during this series can shrewdness this goes: you've got a duck. This explicit duck has many stats that show simply however sensible it's at totally different activities. Your goal? Train your duck till it’s adequate to require on the most effective.

Ducklife four takes this premise to a small degree any. you'll currently have multiple ducks and buy accessories like hats and haircuts for them. New ducks perpetually show up to challenge you, therefore there’s no danger of running out of things to try and do. Your duck has five things to be sensible at.

[Ducklife four fly]
The gameplay relies around coaching your duck. every ability incorporates a totally different coaching – this is often the important fun: everything’s a series of minigames. You earn cash by enjoying these coaching sessions. this is often the important core of the game: the controls and also the gameplay square measure entirely totally different from minigame to minigame, and there’s a large amount of fun to be had whereas you attain those stat bars. The longer you survive, the quicker every challenge gets. It’s planning to take you a minute to induce your champion favorite in tight form.

The actual competition against your rival ducks is, as compared, pretty automatic. reckoning on your stats, you’ll either win the race or collapse halfway. It’s just like the Chocobo races in Final Fantasy 7: you are doing what you'll beforehand and pray your bird wins the race. It’s good. It takes a minute to create up an honest athletics bird and earn enough cash, therefore there’s an exact quantity of necessary however fun grinding concerned to lift those stat bars.

The graphics aren’t a lot of to speak concerning. They’re clean, crisp and stripped, destitute of a lot of texture or effects. It isn’t a lot of of a hurt to the gameplay: once the minigames begin dashing up you barely notice something. The ducks have bare-bones however quite purposeful animations that match well with the art vogue. All in all, the graphics do their job and no a lot of. The music is kind of accomplished, with a quite distinct theme song protected by many alternative unassertive tracks.

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