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Video capture devices confuse the hell out of ME. For years I've wished a hardware resolution for computer video capture, maybe one thing I might conjointly hook a game console up to, however once a string of ill-informed purchases and a box packed with cards that did not do what I wished them to try and do, I settled on a resource-hogging package resolution instead.

What I required was a chunk of hardware I might connect and a button I might press. that is specifically what AverMedia's Live Gamer HD offers—recording or streaming 1080p HD game video at the press of a button.

Inside the $199.99 Live Gamer HD box could be a tiny PCI categorical card, a DVI to HDMI adapter, HDMI and HDMI to DVI cables, associate degree audio cable and therefore the completely nonobligatory however vastly useful Hot Button.

The Hot Button is especially helpful as a result of it flashes red once recording or streaming is afoot. A long-time user of FRAPS capture package, i can not tell you ways repeatedly I got my hotkey presses required and tense recording the precise opposite of what I wished to, filling up my disc drive with raw footage. Having a flashing red light-weight on your table would seemingly even be useful in additional intimate things.

Installing the Live Gamer HD is comparatively easy, as long jointly understands the ins-and-outs of ins-and-outs. To capture from a computer, one should run a cable from the video card into the Live Gamer. the cardboard acts as a pass-through to the monitor—it simply hijacks the video knowledge on the method. Audio is well-versed in an exceedingly similar manner. Connecting a game console works abundant the same—HDMI in, HDMI out.

Once the hardware is put in it is time to fireplace up RECentral, associate degree vastly easy piece of package straightforward enough for a wooden-headed starter like myself to use. really there is a starter setting that is pre-configured to record 1080p video at thirty frames-per-second. Amateur and professional settings provide advanced management of recording choices, with the power to save lots of profiles and cargo them once required. you'll even attach your mic and hash out the video, as I did with World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria.

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